Secret adventures in Scotland.

I tend to start my weekend with a nice breakfast i think it sets me up nicely for the day, i don’t like heavy breakfasts, like fry ups, don’t get me wrong i indulge in the odd full Scottish breakfast every now and again and then immediately regret it.

My fave go to breakfast is Avocado on sourdough toast, roasted vine tomatoes and soft boiled eggs, with a balsamic glaze drizzled over. Its just the tastiest, satisfying breakfast for me. I haven’t had it in a while so this weekend i had it and it was delicious i love it so much.


After this we went and did our usual Sunday shop for the week, which i now hate doing, i used to love going shopping for food but right now its a constant battle of what do we want to eat for the week and then arguing in the aisle when we can’t think of anything. I hate it with a passion.

We were supposed to go to Glasgow after this but Scotrail have decided to put buses on at the weekend due to “planned maintenance” so that put a spanner in the works. I did go in a slight huff about this and i wanted to go out and do something, so i took myself off to Largs, sans boyfriend as he didn’t want to come and said i was a loser for going myself, ahh love.

It was a beautiful sunny day and i just wanted to go a walk and get some fresh air to improve my mood. Now Largs is a seaside town, it has fish and chips, a famous ice cream parlour (Nardini’s) and little shops. It was mobbed and for 3 pm it was still mobbed but i found a parking space and off i went a toddle along the seafront. The water was so calm and the sun was beginning to set and this is my favourite kind of day.

The ferry was going back and forth to Millport on the isle of Cumbrae, which i’ve still never been too, people find this weird, i find this weird, i used to live not far and yet my family never went.

There was people just stolling up and down the promenade with their families and their dogs, so many dogs! Saw a wee Frenchie and a Spaniel, nearly grabbed them and made a run for it!

It was so nice just to park myself on a bench and take in the sunshine and the view.


On the way back i popped into Costa to try a new a coconut milk hot chocolate, it was cold but that drink was bloody roasting. It was ok, id probably stick to my usual Soya hot choc, it seemed thicker.

On my way home i stopped in at Seamill to watch the sunset, its my favourite place to go and its my secret happy place. I love my country and i love how pretty it is.

I’m very fortunate to live in such a picturesque place, the west of Scotland is just beautiful.



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