Hello again!

Oh hey, haven’t been on my blog in like a year and a half.

Truth is i have no idea how to make it interesting to people and what hashtags to use to make people find it.

I understand how people become full time bloggers as you have to dedicate a LOT of time to it i’m guessing to get something out of it.

Whats been happening, well, got engaged so in the midst of planning our wedding. I moved into a new house a month before we got engaged, so still trying to make that into something. Been to Florida a couple of times, probably the best place i’ve ever been. Went to Berlin, thoroughly enjoyed it and i would like to go back. There’s probably a million other things too, but i cant think of anything.

I’ll maybe try and get back into it if i can. No promises though.

Macaron fiasco

Macaron. The dreaded word in every bakers vocabulary. I’ve put these off for so long. I didn’t even want to go there, I put them in that wee box that’s labelled don’t even think of baking these, but i opened that box and I decided you know what you will not defeat me macaron!

My boyfriend loves them and kept saying to me to make them “I’ll help” he said. *note* he held the icing bag open, that was it ūüėź

So off I went, I got the ingredients and one rainy Sunday I went for it. Everything went well until I started to pipe them, they seemed awfully thick and held their shape a little too much, but I kept going and let them sit for 30 mins to form a skin then baked them for 20 mins. This is what we ended up with:

I mean they look like macarons they certainly taste like them, but they’re too pointy.

I next went in for the chocolate ganache, that didn’t go so well, I even tried to freeze it to thicken it. Didn’t work, I had some leftover caramel left so I used that to sandwich them:

Yes they defeated me slightly. It wasn’t a success but it wasn’t a failure either. So for a first attempt I’m pretty chuffed! I will be trying again dont you worry and I will get them perfect!

I’d love any tips you have!

I’ll return hopefully with better results!


So i did something a little different on Sunday, i went to my first ever festival.

Granted its nothing like T in the Park where you would’ve camped the whole weekend and not got a shower, but this is the replacement for T while their issues with their site gets fixed.

It was in Glasgow Green, there was the main stage, King Tuts tent and lots of drink and food options. All be it expensive options, i paid ¬£2.50 for a cookie which i could’ve made better myself and the alcohol was about ¬£6 for a Vodka. Madness!

I also managed to avoid the portaloos! hooray, but apparently they weren’t that bad.

The Killers were the main attraction, along with headliners Franz Ferdinand and Chvrches.

All were brilliant and if you fancy heading over to my Instagram page you can have a wee look at the videos, as i have no idea how and if i can upload them on WordPress :o) Also if you’re over there give me a wee follow!

Instagram –¬†my instagram

Cookie bars and cupcakes!

Alas, i have been absent again.

The weather has been so nice in Scotland that everyone has just been enjoying it! I mean its been 30C! This never happens!

But i have been doing a bit of baking, so here’s a wee sneaky peek!

Rolo cookie bar

Rolo Cookie Bars!

M&M cookie bar

M&M Cookie Bars!

Vanilla cupcakes

Birthday Vanilla Cupcakes!

I made these for a birthday at work, i get a subscription box every month from Iced Jems and i wanted to try out some of the goodies in one, the sprinkles and the cupcake toppers are from the Bling Box!

Let me know if you would like the recipes and i’ll pop them up!

Think i might bake a little something this weekend so hopefully be back soon!


Travels in Scotland – Aviemore

Once a year, in May, we pack up and head up to Aviemore.

My boyfriends family have done this for 16 years now and i now get to tag along. The weather sometimes is hit or miss, i’ve been told one year it was so hot that had to go to the shops and get shorts and t-shirts as no-one brought summer gear! this year it was ok, bit windy, bit rainy and a bit sunny and there was still snow on the mountains! Nothing new really in Scotland to be fair.

We headed up on the Tuesday and after a 3 hour drive made it early afternoon. We all stay in a cabin and its tiny but its nice and you don’t need much else, well maybe another bathroom! There’s 6 of us and my little niece who is 3.

We pretty much do our own thing during the day and then meet back up at night time.

On the first full day we headed to the¬†Highland wildlife Park¬†as you may or may not know the UK’s very first baby polar bear was born at the beginning of the year and i very much wanted to see him!

My boyfriend kept saying he probably wouldn’t be out and that we would miss him, so this did make me slightly anxious. But lo and behold he was out playing in the pool – ladies and gentlemen i give you Hamish:


Hamish and mum Victoria

The wildlife park is great for a day out but this is the 3rd time i’ve been and when you’ve done it once and seen it all it gets a bit repetitive, after taking far too many photos of Hamish we walked round the park and saw the other polar bears and then headed to see the wolves who we didnt see last time as the enclosure was closed. They are gorgeous animals.



After this we went to Ruthven Barracks i noticed this on the wayhome last time and vowed to go and see what it was. They are the best preserved of the four barracks built in 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising. Set on an old castle mound, the complex comprises two large three-storey blocks occupying two sides of the enclosure, each with two rooms per floor. The barracks and enclosing walls were built with loopholes for musket firing, and bastion towers were built at opposite corners. Destroyed by Jacobites following their retreat after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, the Barracks ruins are maintained as a Scheduled Monument by Historic Scotland. (Thanks Wikipedia!)


We just spent the next few days driving around, going to Inverness and generally just chilling out. The highlands do offer some lovely scenery.




Cairngorm Mountain


cairngorm mountain

Cairngorm Mountain



Also check out this wee cutie loving life!


I wish something made me this happy as bubbles make her!

Only 50 weeks until we’re back…. but before that Orlando in September!