My name is Lena i live in a small town on the West coast of Scotland.

Here’s some of my faves!

I love baking i hope to some day take it up full time but right now it just isn’t possible, which is why is started a blog. I just hope to get myself out there a little bit more.

Titanic is one of my shall we say obsessions, if my boyfriend would let me i would have an entire room dedicated to it but that may be a bit extreme.

History, i love World War 2 history in particular, i find it fascinating and i would love to go to Normandy to see where the D Day landings took place, i think it’s important to know how many sacrifices were made so we could be here and live the life we do today.

Polar bears, they’re just great need i say more.

and pink grapefruit anything. I could smell it all day.