If you don’t like cakes, look away now!

I thought i would share with you lovely lot a few of my previous bakes.

Paul bday cake

First up is this triple layer chocolate birthday cake i made for my BF 30th Birthday in November. As you can see it’s far from perfect but i’m actually quite proud of it as i’ve never done anything so big. In hindsight i should’ve got some better tools to square off the cake more and made more buttercream BUT i was chuffed and so was he!

Next up we have some bakes i’ve made for birthdays and nursery classes.

On the left is just your basic chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and some chocolate buttons, and a crunchie cupcake with a chocolate sponge and a honey buttercream with some yummy Crunchie on top (*Disclaimer* if you don’t eat these right away the Crunchie goes soft which annoyed me as i never thought about it) These were for one of my BF workmates GF birthday.

On the right is jammy dodger and vanilla cupcakes with a hidden strawberry jam centre and Funfetti cupcakes with lots of multicoloured sprinkles inside. These were for a nursery class before their teacher left for a new job.

Next we have a salted caramel millionaires shortbread.


I always find these difficult as if i make the shortbread directly in the pan its hard to get out, if i grease the pan and put parchment paper down the shortbread sticks to the paper, so i can’t win! unless im doing it wrong? Any tips, anyone? Help me please!

Last up we have Creme Egg Cupcakes!

Creme egg cupcakes

These are your basic chocolate sponge with a mini creme egg hidden in the centre. I tried to do orange and white buttercream but my piping bag ended up bursting open and merging the colours together so that was a bust but they were still yummy! Actually since it’ll be Easter soon it’ll soon be time to make these again!

I really need to get back into baking, i would really like to make it a career one day but i’m scared i’m just not good enough. I’ve been told to apply for Bake Off but i just couldn’t because:

  • Couldn’t handle the pressure
  • Don’t think i know enough about baking to do the technical challenge
  • I’d collapse under Paul Hollywoods icy glare if he didn’t like what i’d made
  • Don’t ever want to disappoint (Queen) Mary Berry, ever!

Let me know what you’ve been baking recently, inspire me please!




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