Fakeaway-salt and chilli chicken

We’ve been trying to eat a little better, we don’t eat a great deal of takeaways (monthly Domino’s is a must tho!) when we do we just don’t feel great afterwards.

This is a great alternative! What you will need is:-

1 pk of chicken fillets

Panko breadcrumbs

1 tbsp Sea salt

1 tbsp Dried chilli flakes

1 beaten egg

1 onion

2 chillis

Mix the salt, chilli flakes and breadcrumbs together.

Cut the chicken into small pieces and dip it into the egg and then the bread crumbs.

Place on a baking tray and bake in oven at 180deg for around 20-25 mins.

Meanwhile fry onion and chilli together with some garlic granules until soft.

When chicken is cooked add this to the pan and coat.

You can have this with rice, noodles anything you like really.

We like it with salt and chilli chips!

Also for a sauce we like to have curry sauce not the healthiest but you’re being good mostly so I think it’s ok 😉


I ❤️ Scotland

Just a quick one. It’s currently 8.50am here in sunny Scotland and look at this weather. It’s actually minus 0.5 but the sun is warm and it’s quiet and peaceful. I love where I live.

Can you see Ailsa Craig in the distance in the last pic?

How lucky am I? 🙂

Spring baking- Creme egg brownies

Another spring snowy day calls for a baking day. Today was brownies, Creme egg to be more precise!

I use my basic brownie recipe and then halved the Creme Eggs and popped them in. *disclaimer* the eggs just melted and didn’t go gooey I’m not sure if I should’ve kept them whole, used mini ones. They still taste amazing though 🙂

These will make 12 brownies. Oven at 160 degrees.

You will need:

275g butter/stork

375g caster sugar

4 eggs

75g cocoa powder

100g self raising flour

100g chocolate chips, optional

All you need to do is mix all your ingredients in one bowl until well combined and pop into a 30x23x4cm tray that has been greased and lined for 40-45 mins. I froze my Creme Eggs and cut them in half and popped them on to brownies and plopped some more batter on top to cover. Like I said the eggs melted into the batter. But they still taste great and you get a wee chewy bit which will be where the fondant has oozed out. I’ve already had two, the brownie part is so light and moist that I couldn’t resist. Brownies and cookies are my downfall. Give me your ideas on any easter bakes you’d like to see next!

20 years of Titanic obsessions

I love Titanic. Not the movie (although that did fuel me on even more) The Ship. The grandest ship in the world in 1912.

I don’t know what it is, it just fascinates me. This huge liner, biggest one ever built that crashes into an iceberg on its maiden voyage, and takes 1500 people to their grave in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

I have watched countless documentaries, some more than once just to see a glimpse of the ship.

If you are as obsessed as i am, then you should take a trip to Belfast to see the Titanic Exhibition. It is the greatest thing ever. You are in the exact place, The Harland and Wolff shipyard, that the ship was built along with her 2 sisters, the Olympic (who came first) and Britannic (who came last).


Go back 106 years and imagine how bustling this yard would be!


We did the exhibit tour and also a walking tour where a guide takes you round before the main exhibit and talks you through a bit of the history. After that we went over to the Nomadic, the very last White Star Line ship in the world, which has been fantastically restored.

I can’t recommend it enough if you love history and Titanic then it really is for you!



First class menu

There is too many photos to share, it was a life long dream for me to go and i loved it. I would go back in a second, my boyfriend does not share my enthusiasm though.

Do you have any Titanic questions? I would love to answer them, make me feel like the Titanic historian i always wanted to be!

Spring baking Creme egg cupcakes!

It’s almost Easter, which means one thing in the UK – Creme Eggs people! 🙌🏻

Everyone loves a Creme egg chocolate and fondant, sugary goodness!! 🤤

These are made with the teeny mini Creme Eggs.

You will need:-

Creme egg cupcakes

Makes 12. 180degree oven or 160 fan

Cupcakes– 12 Frozen Mini Creme Eggs– 150g Unsalted Butter/Stork– 150g Light Brown Sugar– 3 Medium Eggs– 125g Self Raising Flour– 25g Cocoa PowderButtercream– 150g Unsalted Butter, room temperature– 300g Icing Sugar– 1/2tsp Vanilla Extract– Yellow/Orange Food Colouring– 1-2tbsp Boiling WaterFirstly you freeze the eggs first until they are solid that way they won’t completely melt when you bake them. Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add in your eggs flour and cocoa and mix until combined. Spoon in about half of the mixture into your cases and pop a frozen Creme egg in the middle and plop some More batter on top until the egg is no longer visible, you want them 3/4 full. Bake for about 20 mins but start checking them at about 17 minutes. Leave to cool completely. To make the buttercream, mix your butter until light and fluffy and slowly add your icing sugar. Split the mixture into 2 parts and add your yellow colouring to one. In a piping bag put your white buttercream into one half and your yellow on the other side and when piped together it should do a two tone icing. My bag burst and they just smooshed together and it didn’t look as effective. Or you can put into two separate bags and then put them into one big bag and snip off the ends and it should pipe, Ive never tried this so let me know if it works!Once you’ve piped pop a little halved Creme egg on top and you’re done!

Imagine Dragons, Glasgow, best gig i’ve been to!

Let me start by saying by tastes in music have evolved from going to seeing Boyzone, ( i love you Ronan banner in tow) to Girls Aloud in my late teens ( i still have slight soft spot for Love Machine) Calvin Harris and Tiesto (i’m sorry but it was amazing and i raved away) to now Imagine Dragons.

Was never really into them that much then i heard a couple of songs off their new album Evolve and was hooked, so much that i stole my brother in laws ticket and made my sister take me lol. He wasn’t fussed just to clarify.

The lead up to the concert on Sunday was a little nerve wracking. Central and East coast of Scotland got hit by the “beast from the east” weather front and the snow was atrocious, it was so deep and caused pandemonium every where, you’d think that we’d never seen snow before, deliveries weren’t making it to the shops and they were running out of bread and milk! People were panic buying the most random items, if nows the time for 35 frozen pizzas and 6 bags of frozen chips in your freezer then who am i to judge.


Paisley snow

This was my sisters house. Where i live had virtually no snow, (hooray) but i had to make it to my sisters on Sunday.

The snow started on Wednesday and by Sunday it was still all there but the roads were clear and i made it.

We were staying in Glasgow after the concert and getting to Glasgow was met with some obstacles, our train broke down and we were left sitting for ages! When we got going again we shlepped through the snow and slush to get to our hotel. It was tempting to just stay in the room lol but no Imagine Dragons awaited!

We went for dinner at a bar called Striphouse where we had a couple of cocktails and we both went for burger and fries.


Striphouse burger and fries

The burger wasn’t great, but the cocktails and the tin cup my sweet potato fries came in were great. my idea of stealing the cup was frowned upon. Pfft.

Now onto the concert, it was just amazing, Dan Reynolds is great live, they started with I don’t know why and ended with Radioactive. In the middle they did an acoustic set where they also sung a Scottish classic, 500 miles by the Proclaimers! He sung it to perfection and the crowd went wild!

I wish i could put my videos up but they were just too large to send through and i’m not sure how else to link them up! Here’s a video from You tube someone else so kindly took:

Imagine Dragons 500 miles

So here are a couple of photos:



I honestly can’t recommend going to see them enough, if you get the chance please go you won’t regret it. There were so many people there of all ages, i was surprised to see so many kids there.

Take me back Tuesday, Maltesar Bunny cupcakes

Since the weather has been so lovely lately but so cold i decided to get the Kitchen Aid out on Sunday and bake some cupcakes.

Now i was just going to bake my Celebration cupcakes again, still trying to get rid of the sweeties from Christmas! but my boyfriend came up with this one so ill let him take full credit, as they turned out yummy!

We were doing our weekly shop in Tesco and when we got the the jam/peanut butter/spreads aisle he picks up a jar of the Maltesar spread and says you should make Maltesar cupcakes with this inside. Who am i to disappoint?

I decided on  just a basic vanilla sponge:

150g Stork
150g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs, beaten
150g Self Raising Flour
1tsp Vanilla Extract

I beat my Stork until its light and creamy then add the sugar and give that a good beating. Then add the eggs, flour and vanilla and combine until mixed through, try not to overmix it.

Then back in a 150degree oven for 15-20 minutes. When a cocktail stick poked in comes out clean they are ready.

I let these sit for a while until they were completely cool and then hollowed out the middle of the cupcakes and filled them with the Maltesar spread. i put the spread into a bowl gave it a little mix (Shout out to my Ex! no? ok moving on) to loosen it up and put it in a small piping bag then piped it into the middle and popped the lid back on, eating the offcuts as i went!


To make the buttercream whatever spread i didn’t use inside the cupcakes i put into the buttercream along with:

150g Unsalted softened Butter
300g Icing Sugar sifted
25g Cocoa Powder
1-2tsp Boiling Water (to loosen if it feels a little stiff)

Just beat the butter until light and creamy then add in your sifted icing sugar a little bit at a time along with the cocoa and then the spread.

Pop into a piping bag and ice onto the cupcake, now i didn’t use a nozzle as i thought the bits of Maltesar would get stuck, its up to yourself. When i piped these they looked like a certain brown emoji and we couldn’t stop laughing so i promptly topped them with the mini Maltesar bunny!

Ten points for you if you can guess which emoji im on about? :o)

I enjoyed making these and they were a big hit so i hope you enjoy them too!