2018 Afternoon tea showdown

So, my sister and me like love an afternoon tea. We only started doing it a few years ago as it seemed like a nice afternoon out, you get tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes, what’s not to like!

At one point we became slightly obsessed and maybe did 10 in a year, last year i think we only managed a few.

So this year we’ve decided to crank it up a notch and try and do a few more.

I thought it would be fun to do a sort of rating of the teas we have!

We have ratings on Location, Service, Sandwiches, Scones, selection of cakes andTea

So here are the ratings in stars:

***** Excellent

**** Good

*** Average

** Ok

*Awful / abissmal / Boaks / gags food back up (thankfully never had to do this).

So on Saturday we went to Glasgow and went to:

Carlton George Hotel


Windows Restaurant Afternoon Tea

Location **** We were in the windows restaurant which overlooks Glasgow City Centre. Will be so nice in Summer.

Service **** Our server, Maria, was lovely, very cheerful and asked if we had any allergies / dislikes and i asked for a green tea which i was told no problem.

Sandwiches ***** I really enjoyed these, the bread was fresh and nice and soft, the fillings were delicious. There was cheese savoury, ham and tomato, tuna mayo and egg mayo. So yummy.

Scones *** More points if they were warm, but they weren’t. We had a little pot of Tiptree Raspberry Jam each, which is a bonus as you don’t always get Raspberry, its usually Strawberry which i’m not keen on. There was fresh cream and not clotted cream, which was also disappointing! It always has to be clotted with a scone, in my opinion. How do you take your scones, i do cream then jam (the Devon way) my sister does jam then cream (the Cornish way) Controversial, i know.


Tiptree Raspberry Jam, i love the quotes in the lid.

Desserts / Cakes *** They were ok. The brownie if i was scoring it on this alone would be 5* as it was so good. But i wasn’t keen on the rest of the desserts, there was a teeny lemon tart didn’t taste very lemony to me, a sticky toffee pudding, not my fave i don’t like toffee really, victoria sponge, which was a little dense, it was nice but a little hard.


Dessert Selection

Tea / Coffee **** I asked for green tea and i got it, my sister asked for coffee and she got it. Both came in a large insulated flask jugs so you could just keep pouring unlimited drinks for yourself and it kept the drinks piping hot too. I kinda want one of these for myself.

All in all for our first Afternoon Tea of the year it was good. It always seems to be the cake selection that’ bit hit or miss. These weren’t horrible just not all to my liking.

Overall all i’d give this Afternoon Tea 4 out 5 stars.

Not bad i’d say, here’s to the next one!


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