Dirty burgers and fancy teas.


Had quite the busy weekend.

On Friday me and the BF took ourselves off to Glasgow (after work, so unlike us) for a impromptu date night.

I had read about Smashburger a few months before and how they were opening a new restaurant in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

We tried to go last Sunday (when i had my small huff and took myself off to Largs because the trains weren’t running) but couldn’t so we made a point of going on Friday.

Wasn’t sure what the deal was, did you go in order and sit down or did someone serve you? But you wait to be seated then go up to the counter and order and they bring it to you. We were lucky for a Friday night it was pretty dead, which i quite like as you’re not struggling to hear over everyone else.

I got a Beef avocado club and tater tots! Tater tots must be the best potato based food, ever, i could eat them all day every day.

The verdict, i quite enjoyed it, was rather expensive, for 2 burgers, 2 sides and 2 drinks -was £28, (bit like Five Guys that way) but it was still nice and let me tell you i refilled that unlimited drink offer a few times with cherry coke to get my moneysworth lol.


Afterwards we took a walk through the centre of Glasgow towards Royal Exchange Square to see the twinkling lights, twinkly lights just make anything pretty.


Royal Exchange Square

Now this photo is wonky because i was waiting until a group of these loud and obnoxious boys walked by so they wouldn’t be in my pic, but then they started shouting “aw get that photo” “have to take a photo” and i immediately felt stupid and just snapped a quick a pic as i could. Little dickheads.

All in all a lovely night in Glasgow but it was baltic!


I haven’t seen my sister since New Years day when she came to visit when i was full of the flu and crying because i couldn’t make the dinner they always have every year. It’s cool its rescheduled for March!

We love an Afternoon Tea and this was our first one of the year at the Carlton George Hotel in Glasgow.

Such a lovely hotel and we had the tea in the Windows Restaurant which gives rooftop view of Glasgow.

I think i’m going to do a little ranking of afternoon teas this year and give you my honest opinion on them. Yes that’s a future blog post!


Carlton George Afternoon Tea

All in all it was yummy, sandwiches were great, scones were great, desserts hmmm not the best, the brownie was to die for though! You get a rooftop setting which would be great in sunny weather, but it was cloudy and overcast hence my dark pic!

And my new life motto was inside the lid of the teeny pot of Tiptree jam:


Tiptree Jam Quote

“Eat well, love life”

Yes i think i will.


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